50 disc Pack - General Type DVD-R discs. Inkjet printable surface.

The DVD-R4.7GB-GBulkIP is a 50 disc, bulk packaged cake pack of the HHB's General Type DVD-R disc. Designed for V2.0 DVD recording. the HHB DVD-R4.7GB-G general type disc uses a specially licensed dye formulation to deliver unparalleled data integrity and compatibility with the widest possible range of 1X-16X recorders and players. A specially developed adhesive is used to ensure a durable, bubble-free bond between the two polycarbonate layers of the disc, improving the archival security of the data and providing a higher level of protection from rough handling than conventional DVD-R media. Critically, the diameter and edge profile of the disc hub has been optimised for smooth handling by automated duplication and printing systems to ensure smooth workflow, and a new brilliant white printable surface dries quickly, removing the need for a stacking ring to separate printed discs.

  • 50 disc cake pack of high performance 4.7GB General Type DVD-R discs
  • Advanced dye formulation for increased data integrity
  • Compatible with a wide range of recorders and players
  • Consistently low block error rates and ultra-low jitter
  • Brilliant white, quick dry, inkjet printable surfaces
  • Shape optimised for smooth workflow in automated systems
  • Secure archival life in excess of 50 years


Disc type Recordable DVD - General type version 2
Capacity (unformatted) 4.7GB
Recording wavelength 650 ± 5nm
Bytes / sector 2048 + 12 header data
Track pitch 0.74µm
Substrate material Polycarbonate
Projected archival stability > 50 years
Operating temperature -5 to 55ºC(-23 to +131ºF)
Operating humidity 3 to 95%

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